Garden Plots for 2014

Stoney Beach Farm is committed to farming in socially and environmentally responsible ways. With the introduction of our Farm Gardens, we are encouraging others to do the same. If you are not able to have a garden where you live, or want more room to grow, contact us to reserve your plot for the 2014 growing season.

Stoney Beach Farm Gardens Guidelines

Beds will be ready by May  for planting and it is recommended that you have your plants in the ground by Memorial Day.

Weed Control

Herbicides of any kind are not allowed. They can drift into neighboring gardens killing or damaging desirable crops, or persist in the soil. Hoeing, mulching, and hand weeding are recommended.

Insect Control

Synthetic insecticides are prohibited. Preferred control methods are hand picking of insect pests, introduction of predator species, companion planting, soil solarization, and biological controls. As a last resort, natural botanicals that break down quickly and do not leave harmful residues in the soil may be used.

Disease Control

Most problems can be controlled by maintaining healthy soil, choosing disease-resistant varieties, and removing diseased plants from the garden area.

Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Commercial inorganic fertilizers are not permitted. Plant or animal origin products (such as compost, blood and bone meal, fish emulsion, kelp meal, liquid seaweed, and commercial organic fertilizers) are acceptable. Natural mineral fertilizers are also acceptable. Gardeners are strongly urged to add as much organic material as possible to their plots to maintain soil fertility. As it is possible for composts of unknown origin to have chemicals or diseases, any composts used on gardens should be labeled organic.

Non-Acceptable Plants

Currently all plots are available for annual growing plants only. In addition, Stoney Beach Farm cannot allow plants with the following characteristics to be grown in any of the plots:

Invasive species such as mint, comfrey, etc.


Trees, shrubs, bulbs, bushes, or other woody perennials

Illegal or dangerous plants

Plot Sizes & Fees

FULL SIZE (approx. 20’ x 20’) : $85/season

HALF SIZE (approx. 10’ x 20’). $65/season 

Plot Types

ANNUAL – These are tilled by Stoney Beach Farm in the spring and fall. Aged alpaca compost, compliments of Gateway Ranch, will be applied to garden plots in the spring.


We do not have any community tools available.


Water and hoses are supplied. Please conserve water and return hoses to storage rack. The cost of water is included in the plot fee. Best time for watering is early morning.

Farm Garden Hours

6 a.m. - 10 p.m., Monday thru Sunday

Bathroom Facility

Unisex bathroom facility available for garden tenders.

Garden Clean-up

Individual garden clean-up by gardener should be completed by Nov. 1.