For Spring, 2018 vehicle pick up:  231-534-4671

Car, boat and motorcycle storage will be available starting November 1, 2018 to May 1, 2019.  Limited variations in schedule may be possible.  Call today.

  • Storage building (above) has concrete floor which keeps boats/vehicles cleaner.
  • Boats/vehicles need to be "storage ready", we do not provide winterizing service.
  • Boats must be on a trailer. Height is limited to 7' on your trailer.
  • For your protection and ours, boats/vehicles are stored subject to payment in advance, signed contract and copy of certificate of insurance (loss and liability).
  • Storage space is not considered "reserved" until payment is secured 

Space is limited to approximately 9 vehicles so take advantage of an exclusive opportunity to keep your vehicle close to home this winter on Old Mission Peninsula.

(Motorcycles:  $100/bike for the season)

Call Mark at 231-534-4671 for more information.

Fee: $3.75/square foot (length x width)

Sample Contract Below (subject to change):

This agreement is between Stoney Beach Farm (SBF),
10295 Center Rd., Traverse City, MI 49686, Phone 231-534-4671,




Name (RENTER):_______________________________________________






Phone Number(s):­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________________


for the storage of the following item(s):








License #:__________________ Registration #:_______________________


Boats must be on roadworthy trailers; vehicles must be able to be driven under their own power.


The storage period is from November 1, _____ to May 1, _____. RENTER understands that when stored, vehicles/boats may not be available for removal except at the end of the storage period when other stored items are also removed. RENTER specifically agrees to remove the item(s) from SBF premises at the end of the storage period unless otherwise agreed in advance by SBF.


Access by RENTER to the storage facility and to stored item(s) is not available during the storage period. Exceptions, if any, will only be at the convenience and agreement of SBF.


All items stored must be prepared and ready for storage through the winter. No work on the item(s) is allowed on SBF premises. SBF will place and remove the item(s) in/from the storage facility.


Storage is at the sole risk of the RENTER. SBF is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of any kind to the stored item(s), including items stored therein. RENTER agrees to provide proof of insurance covering the stored item(s).


The fee for the storage period is $3.75 per square foot. Square footage is computed by multiplying the width of the item times its length. For boats, the width is defined as the width of the boat or the trailer at its widest point and length is defined as the overall length of the boat. The projection of the trailer tongue beyond the front of the boat and a projecting drive mechanism may usually be excluded from the calculation. Final calculations or adjustments will be made at the time of delivery of the boat for storage.


Length_____________ X Width_______________ X $ = $________________


MOTORCYCLE - Flat Rate $100.00


All fees must be paid in advance of storage.




Signature:_______________________________________ Date:_________________




By/Signature:____________________________________ Date:_________________